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This page is really for the research and info nuts like me. It is full of links to various sites and articles that have helped shape our stance on breeding and owning dogs, standard schnauzers or otherwise. It'll also address some of the most commonly asked questions about schnauzers. It's a work in progress and links will be added or deleted as we find them pertinent.


Our spay/neuter policy is outlined on OUR POLICIES page. MMSS promotes the practice of delayed spay and neuter due to current research showing a connection to certain health issues and early spay/neuter practices that arose decades ago in the effort to stem the over-population of pets. Below are a few links that we've referred to in our own personal research on this topic.

A Vet Confesses: I Delayed Spaying My Dog – and the Reason May Surprise You (

Should You Always Spay-Neuter Your Dog? - American Kennel Club (


MMSS holds no stance on whether buyers/owners should or shouldn't choose to crop and/or dock their dogs from us. We feel it is an owner's right to do either or both at their own risk and expense. We currenty have two dogs that are docked (one of which we wish wasn't), and two dogs NOT docked (one of which we wish was). Reasons are personal and subjective. If you are unsure where you stand on the topic, feel free to peruse the links below for more info on both side of the debate.

5 Reasons Why I Cropped My Dog's Ears (

Tail Docking in Dogs – Guide, Safety, Ethics & FAQ (


Right now, MMSS holds no stance either way when it comes to which breeding frequency is best, and makes no claims as to which we practice. However, since what we were told by our vet at NC State Veterinary Reproductive Services (back-to-back is best if the dam is healthy) differed from what is still viewed by most as common practice (breeding every other heat-cycle), we decided to provide a little info on both sides of this argument in case our decision to use either method were questioned.


I hear it from at least every other person I speak to: "So, standard schnauzers are hypoallergenic because they don't shed much." Well, sorry to break it to y'all but that not true. Are schnauzers hypoallergenic? No, not really. According to most *medical studies, there is no completely hypoallergenic dog out there...NONE. Yes, schnauzers are listed on the "low allergenic" spectrum because a majority do not shed as much when compared to other breeds; however, this does NOT mean that schnauzers do not shed at all, nor that standard schnauzers shed less that other schnauzers. If you don't believe me, ask me for a video of my brushing Nova. She's not as bad as a German Shepherd, but she can produce a pile of shedded hair about the size of a small mini. True story. Not many links to this, just personal experience, but get on any SS Facebook page and ask if SSs shed, you'll get a variety of answers, and over half will confirm they do.

Schnauzers - Got allergies? 15 hypoallergenic dogs and cats - CBS News