We at MMSS have two missions, really: a work mission and a breeding mission. 

Our Work Mission

        Our work mission is a simple one--we are "Raising Standards To Make A Difference." What we mean by that is, we are raising our standard schnauzers to work as AAT dogs (Animal Assisted Therapy)--otherwise known as pet therapy--and we are seeking to raise awareness of the standard schnauzer breed in this field. It is not just a mission of ours but a passion to have dogs that work as therapy animals in various different arenas. In our opinion and experience, the SS is a perfect mid-sized dog whose attributes make it a perfect candidate for the pet therapy world. They are small enough as to not intimidate young ones who may otherwise be afraid of a dog due to size, yet large enough where those in wheel chairs or hospital beds can still easily interact with them without extenuating effort. Their personalities speak for themselves in this field as SS are known to be obedient, loyal, and in our case affectionate dogs who are eager to please and always willing to say hi to a stranger.

        Currently, ALL four of our SSs are "employed" as therapy animals in various local nursing homes, medical centers, libraries and pre-schools. We hope to branch out in the areas we serve in the future as our dogs continue to gain experience and other locations begin opening their doors for therapy dog services. Right now, Selah and Rigby both have over 300 therapy visits each under their vests, while Nova and Harley are hot on their tails with over 200 visits each for them. All four of them are also registered as R.E.A.D.s (Reading Education Assistance Dog), where they'll be a regulars at our libraries' Barks & Books times. Our hope is that within a year, we'll be welcomed into a few local elementary schools and perhaps the Wounded Warrior treatment center aboard of local military base.

If you'd like more into of therapy dogs programs or the work we do with our dogs, feel free to check out our Facebook page McElyea's McSchnauzers--Standard Schnauzers