About Us

If you'd like to know more about us personally, here's a few things:

Perhaps the most important thing to know about us is we are a conservative Christian family who believe in Christ and the power of prayer. Our faith is a big part of our lives. It is what guides and directs our actions and relationships, including how we will approach the issue of breeding and presenting our standard schnauzers to the world. 

We obviously love standards schnauzers. After nearly 12 years of owning minis, we had two of our beloved dogs die unexpectedly due to poor genetic health. This was the main reason we turned to the SS breed. We now are proud parents to 4 healthy standards.

In addition to our dogs, we are a family of 5 with 2 parents and 3 kids. Just like the typical family with kids, our daily lives are pretty centered around our children and their activities. Our oldest son is in the Navy; our daughter is in her 3rd year of college; while our youngest son is in his senior year of high school.

We are also a military family and come from a long history of military service on both sides. Mr. Mac is a retired Marine (as are both our fathers and other family members)
, and we are all currently adjusting to the civilian lifestyle. (It ain't easy!!)

We're proud fans of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks (even post-Spurrier). That's just a bonus fact ;)

MMSS is a Standard Schnauzer breeder located in upstate South Carolina.