Before you contact us, READ THE PAGES!!!

We get upwards of 2 dozen emails a week, most asking questions which answers are clearly and easily found on our website. Please take time to view our site in its entirety before reaching out with inquiries. This is not a common breed and owning one, let alone obtaining one, takes time, patience, and effort--primarily, a willingness to seek out information independently. Potential owners who exercise these characteristics will have a better chance of being approved for puppy placement than those who do not.


We do NOT have any puppies available at this time. Our waiting list is currently estimated at a 6-month wait at *minimum, though this can vary depending on litter specifics (color, sex, etc.). 

Priority placement is given only to homes willing to show under contract in AKC conformation or homes with proven prior SS ownership (meaning you must provide the dog's breeder or DNA verification). "Priority" means there is less wait time. 

If you'd like to be added to our waiting list for our 2021 litters, please read OUR POLICIES page firstthen follow the instructions at the end of that page on how to proceed in contacting us. If you do not answer the questions listed, your email will be disregarded and you will be redirected to our policies pageAll emails simply inquiring about price or availability will be ignored. 


We work primarily through email. When everything is written out, it is easier to understand and to bring back up if something is forgotten. However, if someone would like to give us a call to discuss the breed, our philosophy on breeding or therapy, or with general inquiries, please feel free to do so. Please note, calling us does not change our policies or our application process! We can be reached at 843 812 4825. 

Thank you for your interest.

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