If you'd like to be put on our waiting list, please review our policies below first. All policies will be reflected in our purchase contract so aren't just arbitrary guidelines. Please read and consider them each thoroughly. If you'd like to work with us bearing these policies, then follow the instructions at the end on how to proceed in requesting an application. General in quiry emails asking about price, availability, or placement time frames will be disregarded. Please note our policies are subject to change at any time and may vary, depending on which stud owner we partner with for a litter. 

1. Every potential owner will be required to fill out an application via email. NO EXCEPTTIONS. Don't sweat it--it's just a few questions to help us get to know you better and get a feel for what puppy would be best suited to you and your family. Please note, not all applications received will be approved. We reserve the right to dismiss an application on any grounds should we not feel confident one of our pups will be well-matched with an applicant. All applications will be followed up with a phone interview only when a spot in line on a litter is confirmed. 

2. Breeding rights are something that should be earned, not sold. Because of this, all puppies will be sold on a pet-contract only with AKC limited registration. This will only be amended at our discretion should we have an applicant interested in purchasing a puppy with a show/competition contract. In that case, puppy will be sold on co-ownership and full registration will be granted on completion of championship title and qualifying OFA health clearances, and after fulfillment of contracted obligation to breeder.

3. All puppies will be sold on a spay/neuter contract wherein the owner agrees to have puppy spayed/neutered at no sooner than 1 year old and no older than 2 years old. TIMEFRAME IS NON-NEGOTIABLE and is enforced in contract. This age contingency is based on a matter of what is best for the dog's overall health. Please refer to our HELPFUL LINKS page for more info on why we adhere to this policy. 

4. MMSS will retain AKC registration paperwork for every puppy until after proof of spay/neuter at the *appropriate age has been provided. If you have an interest in joining AKC competition events that require registration, then you must address that in your application.

5. All puppies will come with natural ears and with dew claws removed. We do not crop ears, nor do we know anything about the ear-cropping process (seriously... nothing, nada, zilch). However, we believe it is an owner's choice whether or not to crop and currently hold no position should an owner choose to do so at their own expense after receiving a puppy from us. Additionally, depending on the litter, we may or may not choose to dock the tails. This is a decision we make in conjunction with the stud-owner and can vary per litter, so if this matters to you be sure to state your preference in your application.

6. All puppies will come with a health guarantee that states the puppy is clear of DCM, is healthy on the day of pick up, up-to-date on shots and deworming, microchipped, and has been evaluated by a registered veterinarian. 

7. In the unlikely case an owner can no longer care for an MMSS dog of any age, for any reason, MMSS will take the dog back. We do not allow dogs of our breeding to be re-sold, re-gifted, or released to a shelter or rescue for any reason, nor do we allow the transfer of ownership without breeder consent.

8. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a potential buyer's place in line at the time of commitment to a litter. No deposit is needed UNTIL we call with a live, potential puppy available. Deposit will go towards the total cost of puppy. Deposits are non-refundable since they are not paid until you have agreed to be placed on an available litter. Deposits are payable by cashiers check, money order, or personal checks. Final balance due in $ CASH $ at pick up. NO pay apps or bank transfers. 

9. We do NOT ship. All puppies will be picked up at our home in person by the intended owner, as there is a contract to sign and a notary present to legalize the signatures. If the new owner should choose to fly home with their puppy as a carry-on passenger after picking it up from us, that is left to the discretion of the owner. 

10. At this time we are not placing any pups in homes in the western US region (west of the Mississippi) or outside the US. We simply do not have the network of resources available to appropriately support new owners that far away from us. If you live in this region and are interested in an SS, we recommend referring to the Standard Schnauzer Club of America's breeders list for reputable breeders.

11. All MMSS puppies will come with an AKC registered name picked by the breeder according to the litter's theme that cannot be changed for the life of the puppy, regardless of ownership transfer. Owners are free to "call" their pup by whatever name they choose, but the registered name filed with the AKC cannot be altered. (Refer to Nova's information in the OUR DOGS section for how this applies.)

12. This is NOT an adoption! Every puppy from MMSS is a contracted live-animal sale. There is a notarized, legal purchase contract that every buyer must sign in person before ownership will be transferred. All points of our policies are also in the contract. We strongly suggest potential buyers request a copy of this contract BEFORE requesting an application to make sure you are willing to agree to its terms. If you contact us with an interest in "adopting" one of our puppies, we will refer you back to this policy point.

13. Neither inquiry emails nor phone calls count when it comes to being added to our wait lists. It does not matter if we have spoken repeatedly on the phone for hours or have corresponded in a dozen or more emails--no one will be added to our waiting list until an application is on file. And that application will not be backdated to any point of earlier contact. A potential buyer's position on our waiting list depends on their personal diligence in getting their application returned in a timely manner and adhering to our application process.

MMSS will not place any puppies into homes with another dog that is under the age of 1-year-old or with a dog of the opposite sex without proof of spay/neuter of current pets already in the home or on premises. Nor do we place puppies into homes that plan to introduce another puppy within 1 year.

15. All puppies are sold with no expressed guarantee of potential ability for any competitive event or activity. We would LOVE for all of our pups to earn titles in the areas that interest their families but cannot offer any promises as to their potential or ability to succeed in those venues.

16. MMSS reserves the right to 1st & 2nd choice of every litter. We do NOT give 1st choice of litter to anyone. Puppy picks do not occur until at least 8 weeks of age and will happen with input and possible limitations from the breeder. We reserve the right to order the remaining choices per litter as we see fit. 

17. Homes willing to have a puppy shown in conformation (through a handler only!!) or homes with proven prior SS ownership (either through breeder verification or DNA proof) will have priority placement in any litter. This can present in several ways but usually means these owners either get moved up the list and placed with a puppy sooner or receive priority pick of a given litter.

18. We do not intend to place or rehome our own adult dogs. We are asked this repeatedly, and the answer will always be NO! Our dogs are our family. If they are going to "retire," they will do so in our home or with a member of our family (likely one of our kids).

19. We do not give out specific information regarding positions on our waiting list. Our reason for this is, waiting lists are fluid in nature. For example, we may have a list of 20 people and have a litter of 10 puppies. In that case, it would be common for people 11-20 to assume they did not make the cut and potentially look elsewhere for a puppy. However, that litter could be a litter of all black girls and persons 1-10 all want boys or a pepper salt puppy, leading me to begin our puppy placing at #11. There are a slew of other factors that could effect the timing of puppy placement regardless of where you are number-wise on a list (i.e. prior SS ownership, show puppy, etc.). For that reason we try not to give false hope or false discouragement to those waiting by relegating them to a number.

20.  Primarily as a manner of security and preventing potential buyers from being scammed, please verify it is us if you receive a call or email from us unexpectedly. Unfortunately, we have already had scammers try to use our puppy photos and spoof our email address to contact unsuspecting buyers to scam them out of deposits using our name. They primarily do this by initiating Google voice calls or reaching out by email. Please beware of these types of contacts. We are always willing to verify it is us in several ways.

If you have specific questions that do NOT refer to price, location, availability, or placement time frame, and are not yet ready to fill out an application, please subject your email as: Information Request

If you are interested in receiving an application, send us an email with the subject line: Application Request. ALL OTHER SUBJECT-LINE EMAILS WILL BE IGNORED! We will only reply to application requests that include the following

1) the sender's name and location; 
2) a brief history of their experience as a pet owner; 
3) a little info about how a dog will fit into their family/lifestyle; 
4) their knowledge/experience of the SS breed (P.S. If you tell me you have owned a "schnauzer" or you're familiar with the "schnauzer breed," I will redirect you to the OUR BREED page and ask you to read through it carefully before reaching out again. If you say you have owned an SS in the past or currently, please be prepared to share where and from which breeder you got your SS.)

Send application requests or general inquiries to:  mcelyeasmcschnauzers@gmail.com

● Have a blessed day,
Tam McElyea

**MMSS reserves the right to amend these policies at any time.