Now we'll let our puppy families speak for themselves...

"Without a shadow of a doubt, this precious girl is the most amazingly intelligent, & well-rounded dog we have ever had!! She is absolutely hilarious, full of personality & always up for fun and adventure as long as it involves being with her “people”. We live in a coastal community & one one Ava’s absolute favorite activities is heading out on our boat every weekend to spend countless hours on the beach, playing & swimming all over the place. I have to say one of her most endearing qualities is what a complete and utter LOVE she is. She plays hard all day, but in the evening all she wants to do wants to do is be right by our side to snuggle. She literally sleeps on top of us every night & we wouldn’t have it any other way! This precious baby girl has us completely wrapped around her sweet little paw. I cannot express how happy we are to have this little angel join our family. She brings so much joy to all of us! She is very protective of her family & always has a watchful eye on the ones she loves. I have always heard that the Standard Schnauzer is the dog with the human brain & I am here to tell you that that is a fact! Ava learns commands insanely fast & executes them perfectly. Our family is truly amazed by her intelligence! I would be over the moon to have another one day!!!" --Ava's family, OOD litter, Wilmington, NC.

"Blue is strikingly handsome. He has a wonderful, happy disposition and is very calm around 2 very active grandchildren. He is easily the most happy dog we've ever known; nothing bothers him. He is ready to take on any threat or challenge and guards the house via "window surveillance" and patrolling the backyard fences. He is fearless. It is a great sight to see him with our other 2 older standard schnauzers hunting skinks, squirrels and rabbits together in the backyard. 

Indi is a very different SS. She is dainty and light-footed and flirts with our older SS and us. She has a beautiful face and very expressive eyes. She takes awhile for her to be comfortable with changes going on around her but she is becoming braver. She is very affectionate and likes to lick ears and be held. So we are very happy with both the additions to our family." --Blue & Indi's family, OOD & BTBW litters, Youngsville, NC.

"Ruby is the smartest dog we’ve ever owned, hands down. She picks up on things insanely fast. She is also the most loyal family dog we’ve ever owned and is amazing with my two children (ages 5 and 6)." --Ruby's family, F2F litter, Huntington, NY.

"Kai/Kaiser is snuggly but energetic. He’s calm inside and ready for any job outside. He loves hunting and jumping more than anything. He’s our protector and lets us know if anyone pulls into the driveway or walks too close to the house. He loves his people and wants us to all to be together (I guess so he can watch over us all at the same time). He’s super smart and knows a huge vocabulary and is very good motivated. Always looking for a lap to snuggle. He loves children and is very good with them." --Kai's family, OS litter, Nashville, TN.

"MILA is energetic, very intelligent, loving and caring, an angel without wings, always sharing her care and love equally amongst all members of the family. I especially like how imaginative MILA is. As a dog-owner since I was a teenager, I've had some remarkable dogs over the years, Dalmatian, German Shepard, Labrador and Beagle, but let me say our dear Schnauzer MILA ranks with the best of them as a great companion and loyal friend." --Mila's family, OOD litter, Miami, FL.

"Ursula ( Our "She bear”) was part of the Operation Smile litter and she completely delivers.  She personifies happiness and seems to be grinning constantly.  Ursula is a playful spunky girl who loves her mama. She jumps for joy and is incredibly agile and athletic, her vertical leap for a tug toy is almost four feet.  She's a curious adventurous dog - loving, loyal, and a little wild. What I love about Ursula - Everything! But here are some highlights. Ursula is so affectionate. She loves to cuddle and is by my side constantly.  She really is a large lap dog. Ursula is a quick study and picks up training in a flash.  It was easy to house train her once she got big enough, teach her the yard boundaries, to come and sit, and she is a very good off-leash. Of course, like all standard schnauzers I have had, she figures out when you really mean what you are saying and when you don’t. Ursula gets along well with the grumpy older rescue I have, and lets him “think” he the boss...but we all know she is." --Ursula's family, OS litter, Emmaus, PA.  

"Rollo loves being outdoors swimming, chasing squirrels, hiking and  boating. He is very curios and intelligent. Say the word 'snack' and he runs over to the snack cabinet , sits and waits. Rollo plays well with other dogs, children and our 4 chickens. We truly enjoy how lovable he is. Not to mention he's so handsome!" --Rollo's family, OOD litter, Sarasota, FL